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Fleet Feet Full & Half Plyometric Agility Workouts

Brian Beatty, PT, CFP

BBRunManAs we reach peak training load / taper initiation mileage is high, the load on the system is high & some fatigue is normal. The purpose of this workout is to restore a light & springy quality to gait. The plyometric focus here is on quickness & agility. A different form of plyometrics can be used for power & strength, but that is best done after a base strength has been established and no major events are on the near horizon.

Today’s Workout Goal: agility, quick & light movement, spring in the legs. Be sure to recover fully from each exercise before starting then next one. If you just do a few reps and then stop, rest & recover, that is fine.

  • Track Workout ( set up 8 cones, 2 sets on each straightaway)
    dynamic warm up
    run 2 lap warm up
    introduce: why, goals, & basic progression: B hops, alternating hops, U hops
  • cone drills lap – 2 intervals on each straightaway between the cones, jog middle interval, jog the curves
    Bilateral (both feet) hop over the lines – first 2 intervals
    hop 1 foot to other foot over the line – second 2 intervals

Exercise Set

jumping jacks, crossover feet jumping jacks alternating
standing one leg balance – opposite hand to elbow
turning body 45 degree, find balance c each step – opposite hand & knee, start c standing leg not swing leg, focus on push off from standing leg, not just swinging the lead leg
lateral shuffle introduction

cone drill lap
lateral shuffles on straightaways: first cone to last cone.
5 lateral shuffle set, then switch sides

exercise set
lateral hops – trailing leg toe touch
stork stand forward bend
running man hops

cone drill lap
lateral hop along lines – R start: over, over, back, back; switch sides to L lead @ second cone set
scissors over the line R lead, second cone set L lead

laps at tempo of choice to finish
dynamic cool down

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Balanced Movement Studio

5 out of 5 stars

Jordan Stafford
Jordan Stafford

5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

Fantastic place to go for rehab and prevention of injuries. I run a lot and I go to Balance Movement anytime I have a ache or pain. Balance Movement will give you the exercises and the knowledge to help stop you from getting hurt again.