Refining, Feeling and Using the Running Core – FF Monday Crew

Fleet Feet Monday Speed Crew 17-05-22

The goal of our workout will be to clearly feel how the timing between the Hip and the Front Cross Core support and drive fluid running form.

Keys to Success:
This is a workout with a focus on learning. It builds on alternating hip abduction (the key to a stable single leg stance) and ‘Running Core’ exercises. We focus on closed kinetic chain patterns, increasing the movement and balance complexity as the workout progresses. For Optimal results, move slowly during the exercises if you want to go fast during your runs. When things get hard or our stability is challenged, we all tend to use effort or momentum to get through the challenging spots. In this workout, we want to slow down in the exercise, focus on controlling form, identify, and clean up the hard places so our running movement becomes smooth. Fast running should be smooth, really good runners flow. If the exercises and workout are done with good focus and technique, you should feel muscles in new ways the next couple of days.

For preparation, watch the third video (2 minutes), “If you want to run, you have to do it on one”, in this Running Biomechanics post. The video covers the foundational elements for the exercises in this workout.

The Workout:

(videos below)
Exercise Sets: 4 x 6 minutes of exercise, followed by timed track run.

Set 1)
Lunge sitting into hip
Hold Lunge and Run the other leg
Plank lift & lower on one knee – pelvis does not move to the sides
5 minute run – 10K effort pace

Set 2)
Side Plank on knee – push pelvis forward & up, lift & lower top leg, run top leg
Planks lifting arm, lifting opposite arm & leg
Running Man with lunge step back, no weight shift
5 minute run – 5K effort pace

Set 3)
2 person work – resist opposite arm & leg, on diagonal, staying tall, not a crunch, move slowly, can you feel how the work moves from the back of the hip on the standing leg across the back to the opposite shoulder, then deep through the hip socket into the front of the hip socket, across a diagonal to the front of the opposite shoulder, find the timing of back and front.
Lateral hops, c step back lunge crossover touch shin, holding legs wide, no cross of legs.
Slow walking lunges with twists – knee over elbow
5 minute run- hard, just under 1 mile effort pace

Set 4)
Side lunge to high stand
Hopping lunges
(Slow walking lunges with twists – knee over elbow)
5 minute run – user choice 5-10K effort pace

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Videos Below:
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Lunge Sitting Into Hip

Hold Lunge and Run the other leg

Plank Lift and Lower on One Knee

Side Plank on Knee

Planks – Lifting Arm, Lifting Opposite Arm and Leg

Running Man with Step Back Lunge

2 Person Running Crunch

Lateral Hops, Trailing Leg Wide

Slow Walking Lunges with Twists

Side Lunge to High Stand

Hopping lunges