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Managing Ankle Sprains

Brian Beatty, PT, CFP

The biggest predictor of having an ankle sprain is having a history of an ankle sprain. In other words, if you sprain it once, the chances are you will do it again.

This simply says that we do a bad job of managing sprains.

Why, in my opinion because we literally ‘walk it off’

see 17-11-27 video to RBK re how ankle sprain effects proprioception

how to train in back.

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Harold Hill
Harold Hill

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

With professional guidance from Elizabeth and Brian I have transformed my running form. The whole body approach to healthy form gave me strength to better my running performance. After 3 years I am still challenged with new dynamic exercise routines. With an entire package of wellness experts dealing in Yoga, Chiropractic, Message and more you can always be sure and find assistance for your health concerns.