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Core Corner: Plank with Lateral Hand Taps

As we focus on off-road training this month, it brings up images of beautiful single track trail, the early morning quiet, hearing only your footsteps and the rhythm of your breath.  Your escape to the trails may be walking, running or on a mountain bike, but core stability is the common link to your success […]

Core Corner: Full Curl Up and Rollback on a Foam Roller

We move along through our day, doing the things we do; sitting at our desk and computer, driving our car, lifting and holding children, gardening or task work that we use our dominant side. These are just a few things that can cause unilateral shifts in our musculature, or imbalance in strength and flexibility, especially […]

Core Corner: Walking Lunge with Overhead Reach

You have signed up for an endurance relay race! A great adventure awaits. You are training to run, but are you planning what you will do between each leg of your relay? There will be sitting and riding in a van, and more riding and sitting. In order to stay loose and keep the front […]

Core Corner: Fencing Lunge

Throughout the day, without noticing, we move in three planes of motion – front and back, side to side and rotation [sagittal, frontal and transverse]. We also combine these movement patterns for different tasks and movements. We need to be strong and stable through all three motions or the weak link will rear its ugly […]