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Running Treatment Rationale Webinar

Running Treatment Rationale Webinar by Therapy Network Seminars Originally presented March 31, 2016 by Brian Beatty   Webinar overview: This course will focus on the clinical application of current research for running rehabilitation & performance enhancement. We will use an analysis of the basic biomechanical demands of running along with current research on running efficiency […]

Running Cool Down

  Tightening up after a run is normal. This dynamic cool down routine will help you leave that muscle tension at the end of your run instead of carrying it with you into the rest of your day. Use this as a base routine.  It is designed to be quick, easy & comprehensive.  Extend, repeat […]

Core Strengthening for Runners

Why are core exercises important for runners? The human body is a dynamic system with many movement possibilities. Movement options allow the body to adapt and compensate for different functional tasks. When we run, the body acts as a system geared for absorbing and then generating forces relative to the ground. The goal of the […]