Cycling Strength Exercises - Balanced Movement Studio

Cycling Strength Exercises

Hip /Core Strength for Cycling

Goal: Increase gluteus medius strength and stability, particularly on left side

Core Strength /Stability for Cycling

Goal: Increase strength and stability of the pelvis while the arms and legs move


BOSU Push-Ups

Neck/Shoulder Blade Strength for Cycling

Post Ride Stretch Routine

Single Leg Pedaling Drills

Joe Friel’s Single Leg Drills: On a trainer or a flat, low-traffic road, unclip one foot and rest it on a chair or rear of the bike so that you are left to pedal with only one leg. With the bike in a low (easy) gear turn the crank at a comfortable cadence. The first thing you’ll notice is that getting up through the top of the stroke, the 12-o’clock position, is difficult. Focus on smoothing this top transition, and minimizing any clicking or “dead spot” sounds in the crank. At first you may only last a few seconds before the hip flexors fatigue. When that happens switch to the other leg. When it fatigues clip both feet in and pedal for a few minutes applying what you have learned in the single-leg pedaling. Repeat the drill several times.

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