Fleet Feet Training Program Resources - Balanced Movement Studio

Fleet Feet Training Program Resources


Resources for All Participants
Running Dynamic Warm Up
Running Cool Down
Quick Assessment of Aches & Pains (Red, Yellow, Green light)
Foam Roller Instructions & Handout

Coaches Training
Carrboro Corporate Coaches Training 17-04-12

Archived Workouts from Past Programs
Refining, Feeling and Using the Running Core – Monday Crew, May 2017
Gait Fundamentals, Warm Up, Cool Down – No Boundaries, May 2017
Hill & Strength Workout – 4 & 10 Milers, March 2017
Hill & Strength Workout – Full & Half, Jan 2016
Running Core Track workout: 4 & 10 – March 2016
Running Core Track Workout: Full & Half – March 2016
Plyometric Agility workout: Full & Half – October 2015
Track & Strength workout: Full & Half – February 2016

Laurel Hill Preview for Tarheel 10 Miler
Core Corner: an excellent resource of core strength exercises for Endurance Sports. Balanced Movement’s Core Corner had been a monthly feature in Endurance Magazine since its inception over 10 years ago.