smalllogoonlineBalanced Movement for Endurance Sports: Weekly Workouts for Strength, Mobility, and Coordination



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A workout program with a focus on LEARNING, not just "doing"


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    You’re probably familiar with strength and mobility -- and you’ve probably tried workout programs that address these two quite well!

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    COORDINATION is often the missing piece -- and it's fueled by LEARNING NEW MOVEMENT PATTERNS, not just "doing exercises"

    Coordination (also called “neuromuscular control”) is the mechanism that transfers your body’s strength and mobility into the myriad of skillful, efficient movements that make up endurance sports. It’s the process that turns that lunge into a faster, graceful, pain-free run!

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    The learning focus of this program is how we help you develop neuromuscular control in addition to shoring up your strength and mobility.

    Best of all, these skills are useful for more than sport performance -- they’ll teach you how to problem-solve and work through movement-related pain, injuries, and dilemmas throughout the span of your entire life -- so you can feel active, healthy, strong, and capable for many years to come.

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Complete this workout 2 or 3 times a week on non-consecutive days based upon your goals and where you are in your training cycle

3x weekly

Suggested in down-cycle of event participation, off-season, or when striving for improvement or returning from an injury

2x weekly

Suggested as ongoing maintenance for balancing endurance activity participation with slow, steady improvement

1x week

Suggested if you are in-season or approaching a targeted event with a performance goal and are in a higher than average load cycle with your endurance activity

A little disclaimer -- because we care about your health!

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This program is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace the importance of in-person consultations with a healthcare professional. If you experience pain or difficulty with the exercises in this program, please stop and consult your healthcare provider.

Workout Overview

  • The workouts are set up circuit-style. Complete all exercises in a row with a short rest between for one full round. Rest, hydrate, and then repeat the entire circuit again for up to 2 or 3 rounds.
  • All of the exercises have strong elements of core work and direct application to endurance sports, but each set has a rotating upper body, lower body & core focus element to allow active recovery of one area as you move to the next exercise.
  • Try to work continuously through the exercise set with minimal breaks and maintaining a workout heart rate. The exercise activity order allows for dynamic recovery as multiple planes of motion are utilized and improved strength endurance is achieved.
  • You'll only have access to one workout at a time. Each workout will be available for 2 weeks, at which point you'll move to the next workout.
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