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Uwharrie Trail Run Strength & Skills Program

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SIGN UP HERE – 12 weekly workouts for $9.99 per month

12 weeks of easy-to-follow, targeted online workouts and drills to hone your trail running strength, skills, and fitness

A perfect companion to your training for the Uwharrie Mountain Run

Program Overview

Week 1: Basic Strength for Trail Running I

Week 2: Basic Strength for Trail Running II

Week 3: Basic Strength for Trail Running III

Week 4: Uphill Power

Week 5: Uphill Power II

Week 6: Fast Springy Downhills, Cadence

Week 7: Fast Springy Downhills, Cadence II

Week 8: Smooth Cornering and Changing Directions

Week 9: Agility on Rough and Slick Terrain

Week 10: Restoring Spring to the Legs

Week 11: High Mileage Recovery

Week 12: Training Recovery / Taper

SIGN UP HERE – 12 weekly workouts for $9.99 per month

How to Get Started

STEP 1:  Sign up for the workouts through our Vimeo On Demand Page. The button on the page looks like this:

YOU CAN ALSO PURCHASE INDIVIDUAL WEEKLY WORKOUTS:  For just $2, access any workout for a week’s time with no commitment. Just click the button next to the individual workout you’d like to rent.

STEP 2:  Once you’re registered, click the “RECEIVE UPDATES” button and enter your email address. This will allow us to gather your email address as a subscriber so we can keep you posted on recent news and features. This will also allow Vimeo to notify you automatically every time we put out a new video.

STEP 5: Familiarize yourself with the page format. All the workouts are listed numerically by week (see the screenshot to the right) We recommend you do these routines 2-3 times during the training week on your lower mileage / cross-training days

STEP 6: Jump on in! Try a workout, ask us questions, and give us your feedback (here are our direct emails )

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