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Maintaining Strength in Season

The general wisdom for endurance athletes has been to build strength during the off-season and then try to maintain those strength gains as one enters into the event season. An inherent challenge to this strategy is that the off-season is short and the in-season / competitive season is long. It is important to note that […]

The Purpose of Periodization

Periodization is a popular term today, and used in many ways. Basically periodization is a term to refer to a strategy for designing a program focusing on differing short-term goals to achieve the long-term goal of optimal performance and health. Understanding the concepts behind the philosophy of periodization can help anyone maximize the benefits they […]

Pump Up the Down Time

By Brian Beatty & Rob Schneider Optimal training for any activity will follow a periodization schedule based upon the activity ‘season’. Running and cycling in NC allows for a relatively long ‘season’, which presents training challenges in order to provide sufficient recovery, avoid overload strain / injury, and develop a base from which performance improvement […] 123 movies 123 movies 123 movies fmovies