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  • Musings on the Cycling Core (our new online program!)

    Musings on the Cycling Core (our new online program!)

    Our goal with this program is to give bicycle riders a super clear, cycling-specific understanding about the purpose of training your core in a focused, time-efficient way. We talk about concrete goals (i.e., minimizing hips rocking on the saddle, the ability to control your upper body and hips when climbing or sprinting, so you can…

  • Felden-WHAT? 12 Benefits of Feldenkrais®

    Felden-WHAT? 12 Benefits of Feldenkrais®

    You’re scanning the list of classes offered at Balanced Movement Studio, wondering what to take. Your eyes slide right past the title “FELDENKRAIS®” because you’ve never heard of it. Maybe you thought “Felden-WHAT???” Your conclusion: “Whatever it is, it’s not for me”.

  • Managing a Long Road Trip with Back Pain

    A common question we’re asked at the clinic is: “I’m looking for a little advice about how to manage a driving trip this weekend. I’ll be in the car (driving) for 4-5 hours, depending on traffic. Any suggestions?” This question was from a person recovering from lumbar disc surgery, but the answer is applicable to…

  • Computer Work Break Timer

    Computer Work Break Timer

    It is far too easy to get sucked into long periods of seated computer work. Sustained seated compressive load is unhealthy for the spine and joints. Here’s an app that can be used as a reminder.