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Fleet Feet Full & Half Plyometric Agility Workouts

As we reach peak training load / taper initiation mileage is high, the load on the system is high & some fatigue is normal. The purpose of this workout is to restore a light & springy quality to gait. The plyometric focus here is on quickness & agility. A different form of plyometrics can be used for power & strength, but that is best done after a base strength has been established and no major events are on the near horizon.

Maintaining Strength in Season

The general wisdom for endurance athletes has been to build strength during the off-season and then try to maintain those strength gains as one enters into the event season. An inherent challenge to this strategy is that the off-season is short and the in-season / competitive season is long. It is important to note that […] 123 movies 123 movies 123 movies fmovies