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Balanced Movement for Endurance Sports – How To Get Started

Welcome to Balanced Movement for Endurance Sports.

These workouts are designed to supplement running, biking, swimming. There are a few things to do when you first join to optimize the experience of using BMO.

1) Sign up through our Vimeo On Demand collection.
2) Give us your email address so we can keep you up to date. On the vimeo page, click the link to receive updates, this is the only way we have for gathering your email address as a subscriber. That also automates your getting notifications every time we put out a new video.

3) Join the Facebook group “Balanced Movement for Endurance Sports: Weekly Workouts”, our goal is to use this as a public forum for questions, answers, feedback and discussions on the workouts.

4) Read through this information page for more explanation of how to use this product.

5) Watch the welcome video

Do these things, jump in, do the workouts, give us feedback and ask us questions (either direct emails or via Facebook page.

An ongoing log of Frequently Asked Questions and answers regarding using these workouts can be found here.