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“6 to 100”: 6 Month Program for 100 Mile Ultra Run


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Not ready for the whole program? You may also RENT each individual workout for just $9.99! Rentals expire 30 days after purchase.

25 weeks of easy-to-follow, targeted online workouts and drills to hone your trail running strength, skills, and fitness

This program is designed as a companion for a 6 month run training program with the target of completing a 100 mile event.  However it can be easily adapted to work with the training schedule for any Ultra event.  Let us know your target event and we can advise how to utilize it to arrive at the start line strong, healthy and ready.


Program Overview

Week 1-4: Basic Strength for Trail Running

Week 5-7: Setting Up Single Leg Stability and Rotational Control

Week 8-10: Strength to Power Transition

Week 11-12: Power for Uphill and Speed

Week 13-14: Speed Power

Week 15-16: Cadence: Leg Springs

Week 17-18: Cadence: Quick Turnover

Week 18-19: Coordinating the Core

Week 20-21: Agility on Uneven Terrain

Week 22-24: Taper and Recovery

Week 22-24: Race Prep: Putting It All Together





How to Get Started

STEP 1:  Sign up for the full 6 months of workouts through our Vimeo On Demand Page. The button on the page is circled in red on the screenshot above and looks like this:

Alternatively, you can rent each workout individually for $9.99 (rentals will expire in 1 month.) To do that, click on the button circled in green on the screenshot above.

STEP 2:  Once you're registered, click the "RECEIVE UPDATES" button (circled in blue) and enter your email address. This will allow us to gather your email address as a subscriber so we can keep you posted on recent news and features. This will also allow Vimeo to notify you automatically every time we put out a new video.

STEP 3: Download and print out a copy of our Mindful Movement Practice Log. This is optional, but we think it's a great tool for keeping track of your progress.

STEP 4: Request to join our special Balanced Movement Online Facebook group: this as a private group where we'll post updates and discuss the current weeks’ workout with our physical therapists, trainers, and like-minded athletes. Maybe you’ll make some friends, training partners, and “accountabili-buddies” in the process!

STEP 5: Head back over to our Vimeo On Demand Page and familiarize yourself with the page format. All the workouts are listed numerically (see the screenshot to the right.)

Begin by watching the Introduction Video (#1) The subsequent videos are broken up by each weekly module. Each weekly workout will have a "Goals" video, a "Workout" video, and a "Objectives and Rationale" video. The videos will walk you through the process step-by-step.

STEP 6: Jump on in! Try a workout, ask us questions, and please send us your feedback (via either direct emails or via the Facebook group)

 "Breaking it Down"

Do you have a question about technique, purpose or application of an exercise? Send it to us and we will be happy to Break It Down for you.

How to use a Breaking It Down video

Basic Strength for Trail Running "Breaking it Down" videos: 

Tubing / Cable Rotation Pull:  The exercise in this workout is a two handed pull with rotating the body and shifting the weight from the back leg to the front leg.  The real work on the exercise should be in the legs and core.  Refer to this video for assistance in those areas.







More Strength: Single Leg Stability "Breaking it Down" videos: 

Running Bridge


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