Screen Fatigue Reset Demonstration - Balanced Movement Studio

Screen Fatigue Reset Demonstration

Screen Fatigue Resets

Is “screen fatigue” interfering with your ability to learn?

Is increased screen time affecting your own productivity and comfort?

✅ Screen Fatigue Resets can help! 
⤷ Developed by physical therapist Brian Beatty, “Screen Fatigue Resets” are quick guided breaks that refresh the brain and restore the body.

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The best way to explain a Screen Fatigue Reset is to experience one!
Take 3 minutes and follow along with the video below:

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✅ Screen Fatigue Resets can ease the transition to online learning

⤷ In 2020, many of us are already feeling the negative effects of increased “screen time” on our bodies and minds

The next time you spend a couple hours
in front of your computer or smartphone, take a pause:
What do you feel?

Eye strain or burning behind your lids? 👀
Headache? 🤦
A stiff jaw, tight shoulders, or a cricked neck? 🙅
Ache in your upper or lower back? 👩‍💻
Numbness or pain in your hips or legs?🦵
Ache in your fingers or hands? 🙌

How’s your brain? 🧠
Does it feel a little sluggish, a little anxious,
maybe a bit irritated?

Are your thoughts a bit hazy?

Luckily, it only takes a few minutes to press the reset button and feel refreshed again!

When you do a reset once, you’ll feel the benefits immediately 👍

  When you commit to doing them regularly (after every 2 hours of screen time), you’ll begin to see the longterm benefits on your health, learning capacity, and productivity 🙌

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Our program grants you access to the full library of  Screen Fatigue Resets and tips for how you and your students can use them throughout the academic year.

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