Looking for Movement that Inspires You? Nia is Here!

My name is Caroline Dyar and I am a Brown Belt Nia teacher. I’d like to share with you why and how Nia has been so important to me in my post-college life.

On my path to find physical wellness, I’ve tried out many regimens, but none of them felt right because they didn’t challenge me mentally, give me emotional release, or connect me to spirit. I lifted weights but was bored by the counting. I took up a running practice twice and perhaps if I had had training (like Chi running!) at the time, I would have stuck with it, but instead I ended up with shin splints and other injuries that would stop me from continuing.

I have always loved dancing for fun, but after I graduated from college I had trouble finding public places where I felt comfortable dancing. I would go to concerts, where I felt too crowded to move or I ended up smelling like cigarettes. For a couple years I continued to go to college house parties, where the music was always the same old hits and the floors were sticky. When I started to take Nia classes, I realized I’d found exactly what I was missing – a place to express and explore myself through music and movement.

The same is true today as it was over 7 years ago when I began my Nia practice: I LOVE the music, taking off my shoes, moving on a floor that I’m willing to lay down on, and I WANT to go to class, no matter the weather or my energy level. I know I will get a full body workout – of my physical, emotional, mental, and spirit self – and I always leave class feeling better, more whole and grounded.

Come join us for this transformational experience – Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:30 AM!

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