Importance of Dynamic Warm Up & Cool Down

Why Should I Warm Up?  

A quality warm-up prepares the body and nervous system for the upcoming exercise.

  • Prepares the cardiovascular system by gradually increasing heart rate
  • Prepares the muscles and tendons to take on the upcoming increased load
  • Lubricates the joints in preparation for increased activity
  • Prepares / “wakes up” the nervous system (coordination) to do the upcoming exercise

A Quality Warm Up Should…

  • Match the warm up movements to the patterns of movement in upcoming exercise.
  • Include full ranges of motion through all of the primary muscle groups and joints used in the upcoming exercise.
  • Increase the complexity of the warm up movements to build to match the complexity of the upcoming exercise.
  • You should feel physically warmed up and have an increased heart rate when you’re done.

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Why Cool Down?

  • Allows gradual lowering of the heart rate
  • Resets the nervous system (brain) to a normal balance of tension in the muscles and tendons
  • Lubricates the joints through all ranges of motion, not just what you used in your exercise

A Quality Cool Down Includes…

  • Movements that take the primary muscles and joints used in the previous exercise carefully through their full ranges of motion
  • A repeatable pattern that allows you to notice any changes from your workout (tightness, pain, changes in range of motion) and address them before they turn into injuries

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