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Core Corner – Heisman Lunge

In any training plan, you want to increase strength and improve instability before you add volume (number of miles). The goal of this exercise, another variation of a lunge, is to improve your ability to rotate the torso, shoulders and arms while holding stability on one leg. Having adequate rotation in the upper torso is […]

Core Corner: Step Ups with Dumbbells

Winter is the time of year for planning, looking through the Event Guide and choosing your target events. This month’s core corner will review a simple movement pattern: the step up. This is a movement that can serve as a cornerstone for an overall lower extremity strength program.  This compound movement involving hip, knee and […]

Core Corner: Side Lunge to Single Leg Balance

Do you ever have knee pain while running? It can often be caused by weak hip stabilizers.  When we do repetitive movement in the same plane of motion (sagittal movement like walking, running, cycling), we can get weak in the other planes of motion from neglect (frontal-sideways, transverse-rotation). This exercise increases strength and hip stability […]

Core Corner: Side Plank on BOSU (with Hip Abduction)

One of the most common weaknesses we see when evaluating gait is weak hips. We have the beautiful and powerful gluteus maximus and the ever supportive gluteus medius and minimus, yet we do not always hold them accountable for one of their roles in movement—stablizing the pelvis as we shift weight.  Picture someone walking in […]

Core Corner: Dynamic Plank to Star

Objective:  The plank is a great basic exercise that we can do anywhere. In this static exercise, when we activate all of the appropriate muscles to support the perfect plank, the result will build great foundational core. But we are not static in life! We have to be able to translate (dynamic) motion from our […]

Core Corner: Prone “T” for Posture

The first thing we can do to reduce incident of injury is begin to be more mindful each day of achieving optimal posture.  Explore the position of your skeleton that will minimize the strain, especially on your spine.  The most common culprit that we can easily begin to shift is rounded shoulders, most likely from […]