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WEDNESDAYS 5:30 – 6:30pm
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Session dates: September 30-November 18, 2020 — but drop ins always welcome!

Balance is something most of us only think about when we lose it. But do we know what we lost or how to find it again? When do we feel unbalanced? During what activity? Is finding it merely a matter of training our strength to hold ourselves up? No. Balance is a dynamic equilibrium. The more mobile we are, the more stable we are and the safer we feel. This series will explore balance training from a Feldenkrais perspective: we’ll discover how freedom of movement in the ankles, knees, hip joints, spine, neck and eyes can improve balance. We’ll also consider many fundamental variables that interact with each other to create balance. You’ll emerge with greater intellectual understanding of the components of balance as well as with strategies to explore to improve your balance.

“SEEING CLEARLY”: Moving Toward 2020 Vision

Vision is one of the primary senses through which we experience the world.  In this series of classes, you will learn how to recognize and eliminate many of the most common habits which interfere with easy, effortless vision, and learn new skills which will lead you to see more clearly.  You will discover the intimate relationship between how you use your eyes and how freely (or not) the rest of the body moves.  As you learn to quiet the eyes and move them freely without strain, not only will you begin to see more clearly, your flexibility, coordination, and balance will markedly improve as well.  [This series will include explorations from David Webber’s “Seeing Clearly” program, as well as classic Feldenkrais Method® lessons].             
10 weeks (maybe more!) 6/17/20 – 8/19/20 


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About the Instructor:

Movement expert Karen Dold is a Feldenkrais Method and Change Your Age teacher with a background in science, athletics, martial arts, and meditation. After exhausting all that medicine had to offer, Karen finally discovered freedom from the limitation and pain caused by an old chronic knee injury through The Feldenkrais Method. Now she offers this same possibility to others.
Co-founder of Move With Elan, she has been teaching classes and workshops since 2000 and has private practices in Chapel Hill and Cary. She specializes in working with Baby Boomers: athletes wanting to improve performance, those dealing with chronic injuries and pain, and those wanting to regain their youthful freedom of movement.
Her students celebrate moving from pain and restriction to youthful ease and agility.Karen is also a certified Bones for Life® teacher and is a provisional Bones For Life trainer.

Move from pain and restriction to ease and agility with….

Karen Dold and Nancy Agnew
The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® of Somatic Education

“Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.”
–Moshe Feldenkrais

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