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Community Presentations

Brian Beatty, PT, CFP

We love our active community, and we’ve been honored to present tailor-made topics at a myriad of community events.

We can provide content in many formats: formal presentations; panel discussions; open question and answer; exercise workout and skill specific development, and more!

Here are some samples that we have done:

Running Presentations

  • Strength Training for Runners – what are the key elements of a successful program
  • Common Injuries: mechanisms, management strategies, prevention exercises and drills  – this can be global or on select topics:  foot, ankle & shin;  knee issues; hip and ITB issues
  • Importance of Dynamic Warm Up & Cool Down: what needs to be in your go to routine, the importance of having a routine
  • Specific Performance Improvement strategies:  lengthening your stride out the back; finding optimal landing position; the running core – what is it and how to optimize using it
  • Trail Running – what changes when you go off-road and how to prepare yourself
  • Hill Running – how to go up with power and down with speed
    Plyometrics for Runners – Why, When & How to Incorporate into Training

Cycling Presentations

  • Optimizing Power Through the Entire Pedal Stroke

Volleyball Presentations

  • Injury Prevention and Critical Exercises: Shoulder; Core; Knee and Ankle

If you have a group or topic that would like for us to present, just let us know.

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Balanced Movement Studio

5 out of 5 stars

Nicholas Woronoff
Nicholas Woronoff

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

Brian and Andy helped me overcome a herniated disc that had me in pain 24/7. Within a few visits I was back to working out at full capacity without pain. Brian also helped me improve my run stride and movement of my posterior chain in the process. I'm stronger, faster, and healthier now having worked with them than I was before the injury.