Community Presentations

We love our active community, and we’ve been honored to present tailor-made topics at a myriad of community events.

We can provide content in many formats: formal presentations; panel discussions; open question and answer; exercise workout and skill specific development, and more!

Here are some samples that we have done:

Running Presentations

  • Strength Training for Runners – what are the key elements of a successful program
  • Common Injuries: mechanisms, management strategies, prevention exercises and drills  – this can be global or on select topics:  foot, ankle & shin;  knee issues; hip and ITB issues
  • Importance of Dynamic Warm Up & Cool Down: what needs to be in your go to routine, the importance of having a routine
  • Specific Performance Improvement strategies:  lengthening your stride out the back; finding optimal landing position; the running core – what is it and how to optimize using it
  • Trail Running – what changes when you go off-road and how to prepare yourself
  • Hill Running – how to go up with power and down with speed
    Plyometrics for Runners – Why, When & How to Incorporate into Training

Cycling Presentations

  • Optimizing Power Through the Entire Pedal Stroke

Volleyball Presentations

  • Injury Prevention and Critical Exercises: Shoulder; Core; Knee and Ankle

[box]If you have a group or topic that would like for us to present, just let us know.[/box]

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