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Finding the Joy of Movement with Nia

For me, the word “exercise” always carried the expectation of “should”: I should exercise, I should exercise more, I should exercise more consistently. Does this sound familiar? Nia took my “shoulds” away when my teacher said, “Move in your body’s way. There’s no judgement.”

Looking for Movement that Inspires You? Nia is Here!

Nia instructor Caroline Dyar always loved dancing for fun, but after she graduated from college she had trouble finding public places where she felt comfortable dancing. When she started to take Nia classes, she realized she’d found exactly what she was missing – a place to express and explore herself through music and movement.

5 Essential Pilates Concepts

Any routine you engage in has the possibility of unfolding and revealing deeper layers. Alternately, a routine has the possibility of becoming fixed, immobile, and stagnant. Wake up familiar Pilates or core exercises by cross-checking these 5 important concepts.