Calming the Nervous System

Live Zoom Class – Wednesday’s 5:30

Starting Wednesday 4/22, Karen will be teaching live via Zoom.

Attendance will be charged against current class passes.

The Zoom class will open at 5:15, and you’ll be in the Waiting Room first (a security measure) then we will admit you to the class. This will allow folks to get in, get set up and have a few minutes of social interactions. The class instruction will start at 5:30.

Start out in “Gallery View” to see everyone, but once class starts we recommend you put the session into “Speaker View” (the link at upper right toggles between Gallery View and Speaker View; on some devices Speaker View is called “Pin Video”).

You can keep your connection with both Audio and Video ON, but we will MUTE everyone during the class so all can hear the narration without distraction. When we’re done, we will unmute everyone so you can give feedback and we can chat before closing the session.


60 minute audio Awareness Through Movement lessons

taught by Karen Dold

These are the lessons that would have been taught during our regular Wednesday evening class.

In an effort to support our teachers and the studio, the recording of this class is available by request.  We will charge the normal class fee for the recording. If you would like to have the recording access, please email us, bbeatty (at) balanced-movement (dot) com

Thank you for your support, we hope you enjoy the lessons.

Lesson 1: Relating Center with Breath
This lesson focuses attention to dantien (body center) and breathing, holding a focal point of connecting breathing to dantien.  A focus on breath is a foundational element for meditation and relaxation. This lesson seeks to create a sense of safety and calm in a chaotic time.

Lesson 2:  Shifting Focus to Improve Posture
A well-known strategy for shifting from feeling anxious and fearful to feeling calm is to orient one’s attention to the present moment environment, to present moment sensations within the self, and to present moment movement of the breath.  This lesson encompasses all three strategies. Experience the journey to calm grounded presence through this guided movement of your attention and your self.

Lesson 3: Finding Ease
Experience how directing your attention and exploring the HOW of what you are doing can shift your experience from effortful toward effortless, from anxiety to calm serenity, from strain to ease.  Awaken a sense of wholeness and resourcefulness within yourself that can ground you even as the world rapidly changes around you.

Lesson 4: Finding the Elasticity in your Lungs
Learn to use your breath coupled with your attention to sense the location, shape, capacity and responsiveness of each of the 5 lobes of your lungs.  This exploration not only will calm you and ground you, but also will help renew the elasticity and breathing capacity of your lungs. If an infection or disease should compromise some portion of your lungs, having developed this skill, you could direct your breath intentionally to the more healthy and still responsive lobes.  

 NOTE: Included is a .pdf file with diagrams of the lobes of the lungs.  During the lesson, given that this is audio, Karen took people on a self-touch journey to find the lobe locations. Viewing the .pdf before doing the lesson may help with the visualizations and awareness. 

Lesson 5: Pliable Ribs Make Breathing Easier
You will learn strategies to improve the pliability of your ribs.  Discover the ribs’ freedom to expand in all directions to invite fuller breathing.  This lesson will calm you, ground you, and improve your posture, and is a fabulous compliment to last week’s lesson in “Finding the Elasticity of your Lungs.

Lesson 6: Paradoxical Breathing
Feeling anxious these days?  Discover how attentive exploration of this pattern of paradoxical breathing (one component of how the body expresses anxiety) will soothe and calm you.  Return yourself to an embodied sense of connection with the air that nourishes you, with the ground that supports you, with the space that surrounds you, and with a felt sense of the calm grounded wholeness of yourself.

Lesson 7: Global Breathing
Discover how attentive, precise, and gentle exploration of the movement of your exhale and of your inhale can invite the possibility of your breathing throughout the whole torso.  Begin to remember the sense of expanding 360 degrees around with each breath, a skill you had as a baby, but have long since forgotten.  As this possibility re-emerges, your posture will change to one of effortless uprightness and a deep sense of calm and well-being will arise.

“Global Breathing” lesson, from Moshe’s Berkeley teachings via Jeff Haller 4/2/20

Lesson 8: Relaxed Eyes
Eyes tired and strained from too much screen time these days?  This lesson will quiet the tension in your eyes and face while stimulating the “rest and relax” aspect of your nervous system to create a profound sense of peacefulness and relaxation throughout your entire body.  

Lesson 9: Rejuvenating the Face
Learn to use the power of your attention to relax and rejuvenate your face.   Discover how the state of your face impacts your breathing, your vocal and facial expressions, your posture, and your emotional state.  You’ll emerge from class calmer and more grounded.   If you look in the mirror before and after, you’ll be surprised by what/who you see.  You’ve had a Feldenkrais Facial!