Physical Therapy is preventative health care!

Most people think physical therapy is only relevant when you’re healing from pain or injury. Check out this article on the value of using physical therapy as preventative health care!

“A proactive visit to a physical therapist can reveal the muscle imbalances and inefficient movement patterns that cause injury. The therapist can provide a regime that corrects those problems while enhancing endurance, balance, strength and weight control.”


A MD referral is not needed in NC for someone to use the services of BPT. Most insurance plans will cover some portion of the PT fees. If insurance does not cover, our cash fees are $100 evaluation and $80 followup, all for an hour of individual attention.

We have trainers at BMS that can continue PT programs  and progress them to general fitness goals.  BPT can also serve that role with other trainers in the community if someone has a relationship established with another trainer.