Weekly Strength Workouts -How did it start?

History: Blame it on Uwharrie. Year after year, in late fall / year end, the coffee talk & trail chatter would recurrently include, “man I really need to get some leg & core strength to handle the ascents & descents of Uwharrie this year without it beating up my body”. In 2011 as I considered the 20 miler in Feb., Elizabeth put the lock down on me, “quit talking about it and get disciplined about doing your core & strength work. It can’t be just you randomly doing exercises you like, you have to do something well designed”. “Okay”, I mumbled, “if you design it and we invite some other Trailheads so I stay disciplined to do it, I will schedule it and commit to it”. So it came to be, Monday night Trailhead (& other cycling buddies or naive quests) workout; Zoo hour; cat herding goat rodeo.

ET designs the workout, it changes every week, there is an overall strategy while still varying to meet the needs & requests of who shows up, what events are upcoming, what hard efforts just happened, etc. Her ability to craft all of this into a different workout every week is amazing. Why change every week? Oh yeah, I hear the words, “You want to overcome the strains of doing repetitive activities by doing repetitive workouts???” Eye rolls accompany these words, heads hang & nod in acknowledgement. We dive into the exercise set, strength improves, performance improves, aches & pains go away… wow, this stuff really works.