Fleet Feet 4 and 10 Miler Training: Hill Workout + Strength

March 14-15 2017 Workout

  • Run for (to) the hills – 10 min easy warm up
    Run up in two groups, important to do an easy recovery job back down so group is together at the bottom.
    Each exercise is designed to focus on certain foundations of efficient gait.  There is a cue to focus on during each hill repeat to help allow the exercise to inform and improve gait (run or walk).
  • 3 hill repeats at 15 seconds each (HARD EFFORT) – In-between each repeat you’ll have an exercise to do that will be 30 to 60 seconds long.

(1) ‘find your glutes’ – step back lunge, keeping > 70% of weight in front leg, lead forward to feel the glutes engage, then use them to bring yourself back over your standing leg.
Hill Repeat 1 – run up the hill pushing from the glutes

(2) ‘do it on one hops’ – high stand on one leg, slight squat moving hip back, hop lightly twice landing on a flat foot. Switch legs, repeat
Hill Repeat 2 – focus on quick turnover of feet with light landing

(3) ‘add speed to the hips’ – step back lunge, step back lightly then push off quickly with the back leg and come to high standing lifting the knee in front of you.
Hill Repeat 3 – quick push back drives quick knees forward, find the quickness in the hips as you run
2 min rest3 repeats at 30 seconds each (HARD EFFORT) – In-between each repeat you’ll have an exercise to do that will be 30 to 60 seconds long.

(4) ‘turnover, light quick feet’ – small hops landing with no sound, quick feet, land under body, fast free & easy turnover. 15 sec of hop, 15 rest x 2
Hill Repeat 4 – Practice light landing and quick , up and down the hill

(5) ‘control the one from the hip and ham’ single leg forward bend, hips leads the movement moving backward, free leg in line with body, find a stretch then return with the hamstring & hip pushing the pelvis forward. Hill Repeat 5  – feeling hip and hamstring engage the instant the foot hits the ground.

(6) ‘putting it together’ into run form – running man exercise, minimal to no touch with back foot, 6 each side then switch, arms move opposite the legs for counter balance.Hill Repeat 6 – focus on opposite arm reaching forward with the leg.2 min rest3 repeats at 60 seconds each (HARD EFFORT) – In-between each repeat you’ll have an exercise to do that will be 30 to 60 seconds long.(7) ‘control your momentum, control your balance’ –  side step lunge to high stand – push off as hard as you can and still control your balance in the standing.Hill Repeat 7 – Run, think balance and push, you land balanced, then push your leg behind and land balanced on the other side.

(8) ‘big muscles for big work’ – walking lunge, touch front foot with both hands, lift back leg & hover, push to stand – forward lean to turn on glutes, take it slow and steadyHill Repeat 8 – If you can do it slow, you can do it fast. Run, keeping you attention focused on the work of those same muscles.

(9) balance out by moving to side – lateral hops up hill, downhill – hop off one foot, land opposite foot, quick hop to change feet. Quick feet, light landing,
Hill Repeat 9 – The shortest distance is a straight path, you’ve felt the work to go to the side, now make it easy and run in a straight line.

Exercise Videos

(1) Step Back Lunge

(2) Single Leg Hops

(3) Step Back Lunge with Quick Push Off to High Standing

(4) Small Hops, Quick Feet

(5) Forward Bend on Single Leg

(6) Running Man

(7) Side Lunge to High Stand

(8) Walking Lunge with Forward Toe Touch and Hover


(9) lateral hops, switching feet