Trail Running Workshop

Finding Your Line on the Trail

Trail Running Workshop
Durham REI
Thursday February 8th, 2018
7:00 – 8:30 pm

Trail running can provide a wonderful outdoors experience, but also provides unique challenges. Developing the stability to navigate the terrain can give you a flowing smooth run instead of a sore aching body. Join us for a workout / experiential workshop built around the elements of successful trail running.

Wearing running / exercise clothing is recommended. This is a combination workout / workout. You do not have to participate in the exercises to learn, all are welcome. However doing the workout will maximize the benefit of the event.

The workshop is designed to deepen your understanding what creates stability as we run and the unique challenges of the trail. Each concept will have exercises and movements that embody the thematic elements. We will exercise as we go, explore and learn some things along the way, and take skills into free flowing along the trails.

Basic Outline:
Single Leg Stance – The defining element of running; standing up on one leg.
The Running Core – Finding and strengthening torso control over the legs.
The Roll and Role of the Hip and Ankles – Controlling balance from above not below.
Gliding Side to Side While Going Forward – How to support lateral strength within forward motion.
Seeing the Line and Following the Line – Applying these concepts into a short agility / obstacle course run.

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