Optimize Rehab and Training by Balancing 3 Priorities

Rehabbing from and injury while training for improved performance in any activity often puts us in situations of potentially conflicting demands. Here are three big ones:

What is level of acceptable comfort?

Comfort:  The need to minimize pain, physical and mental, so that you are happy in the present and will continue to be so in the future.

What can I do?

What can I do: the desired activity level, training goals, or tasks that need to get done.

What is in the best long term interest of the body & structure?

Long term health: How to make a decision now that does not set back the immediate healing or have significant long term consequences in the future.

In order to optimize your path of improvement, it can be valuable to prioritize each of these three for you current situation.  Then realize that all of your actions and interventions need to occur in the Venn Diagram intersection point of these demands.

The balance point is unique to each person and situation. Simply acknowledging this and trying to balance them can be quite helpful to anyone’s mental sanity in dealing with returning from a undesirable situation.

As a rehab and performance professionals, we try to constantly balance these factors in every action, exercise or movement activity that we ask someone to participate in.

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