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Running Dynamic Warm Up

Brian Beatty, PT, CFP


Here is a quick and comprehensive dynamic warm up for running. It incorporates proper muscle activation and dynamic stretch within the neuromuscular movement patterns of running so you can be sure to put your best foot forward before hitting the pavement or trail!

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Arm Swings – feet together, step one forward, step other forward: soften knees & hips & allow pelvis to turn so that the swing of the arms comes from the legs & pelvis. Move your center, your pelvis

Stand on One Leg – “If you want to run, you have to do it on one”, find the back of the hip activated to hold you as you stand

Swing Legs to the Front – allow the arms to rotate opposite the legs for counterbalance, notice what is active in the hip of the standing leg, let the leg swing behind you & loosen the front of the hip when you swing back. Let the hamstring stretch as you swing to the front.

Swing Legs to Sides – arms swing opposite, stretch out the outside of the hip & leg

Elephant Swings Trunk – stand legs wide swing overhead to drop & swing arms through

Lunge Swings – open up front of back hip, dropping into back of front hip

Heel Kicks / Butt Kicks – slowly walking forward; land the feet lightly underneath you, leave the knee & thigh straight under the body to create a stretch in the quad / front of thigh

High Knees – quick & light, soft quiet landing, continuing forward, stretch the back of the hip, bring the foot up under you to your hip
continue high knees but with pulling foot to butt, light quick landing & hold pelvis level, quick feet without a lot of hopping or jumping up.

Open the Gate, Close the Gate – flex hip & knee, while abducting then adducting

Lunge – drop into the back of the hip, allow the back leg to stretch back behind you, stretching the front of the hip

Lunge with Torso Rotation & Arms Overhead – take a deeper stretch into the hip & feel the engagement diagonal across the front from the hip to the shoulder

Walking Lunge with Arms Elbows Crossing Midline – start low & slow, pick up speed & reduce squat distance to progress into a run.

Hopping Lunge – quick switch of legs

Run, Enjoy & then end it properly with a dynamic cool down.

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Balanced Movement Studio

5 out of 5 stars

Jordan Stafford
Jordan Stafford

5 out of 5 stars

posted 11 months ago

Fantastic place to go for rehab and prevention of injuries. I run a lot and I go to Balance Movement anytime I have a ache or pain. Balance Movement will give you the exercises and the knowledge to help stop you from getting hurt again.