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  • Running Plyometric Workout

    Running Plyometric Workout

    Intelligently incorporating plyometric drills into running can help build speed, efficiency and tissue durability. This workout goal is to have a smaller number of exercise reps, (we use 60 in this workout) and focus on generating maximum explosive power on each jump repetition.

  • Finding Your Running Flow

    Finding Your Running Flow

    These routines were inspired as a way to prepare for optimal performance in at a race event. Most of us could use something to smooth out the pre-race jitters, mental chatter, and taper tantrums.

  • Core Corner: Single Leg Squat Cone Touch

    Core Corner: Single Leg Squat Cone Touch

    The objective of this move is theoretically simple, but realistically challenging exercise is to refine your control when on one leg so that your energy expenditure in running goes toward moving you forward, not just holding you upright.

  • Simple Quick Oatmeal Mix

    Simple Quick Oatmeal Mix

    A quick and easy and travel-friendly pre and post-activity food!

  • Maximizing an Event Specific Training Plan

    Maximizing an Event Specific Training Plan

    Goal events (Marathon, Half-Marathons and Ultras of all terrains) give us focus and motivation. We create specific run training programs for the event and put in the miles in a specific and thoughtful manner. Rarely does the same focus and preparation carry over into how we prepare our bodies for, and recover from, the training…

  • Returning to Activity: How Much is Too Much?

    Returning to Activity: How Much is Too Much?

    “No Pain, No Gain” may be an effective marketing slogan, but it is NOT the smartest way to rehabilitate an injury.

  • Restoring Normal Movement After Injury and Pain

    The process of regaining normal movement after an injury can can be viewed along a continuum. Our job is to help you navigate that path, while prioritizing your nervous system’s incredible capacity to learn new movement patterns.

  • The Pelvic Clock Exercise: Controlling the Pelvis from the Hips

    The Pelvic Clock Exercise: Controlling the Pelvis from the Hips

    The ability to control your center of gravity (which is located in your pelvis) from your hips is foundational skill for everyday life, athletic performance and the health of your hips and spine. Follow along with this “pelvic clock” exercise video and see what you can learn!

  • The Role of the Foot and Roll of the Ankle in Running

    Shin pain, ankle sprains and rolled ankles are common injuries, particularly for runners. These problems often become chronic, recurring, and frustrating! We’d like to share a couple simple things you can do to help recover from these issues!

  • Developing a Body Checklist

    Developing a Body Checklist

    Raise your hand if you love a good checklist! The goal of the “Body Checklist” is to catch changes early and intervene. The unnoticed stiffness in the hip last weekend could be the thing that robs 45 seconds from your running pace in a couple weeks and sets up an awkward knee twist and injury…