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The Core Corner is a regular monthly feature in Endurance Magazine that Balanced Movement Studio has provided since the early days of Endurance’s publication. This page will be updated monthly with a new Core exercise. The exercises are targeted to endurance athletes, but applicable to everyone.

Integrating focused and functionally relevant core work into your workouts is critical for performance and injury management. Since endurance sports are repetitive in nature, having variability that challenges you in new ways is beneficial. Your activity is repetitive, your core routine should not be.

We are glad to be a resource for the readership of Endurance and a reference for the great group of folks that publish it. We hope that the Core Corner becomes a great reference tool for you as well.

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Musings on the Cycling Core (our new online program!)

Our goal with this program is to give bicycle riders a super clear, cycling-specific understanding about the purpose of training your core in a focused, time-efficient way. We talk about concrete goals (i.e., minimizing hips rocking on the saddle, the ability to control your upper body and hips when climbing or sprinting, so you can put #alldemwatts to their intended use…) and we SHOW you how to achieve them.

Heisman Lunge

By Elizabeth Towe In trail running, hip and core stability rule! Whether it is a smooth fire road or technical single-track trail, you need to be able to transfer weight quickly from one leg to the other and hold your body stable. To achieve this stability, the arms and shoulders must remain parallel with the pelvis while the legs […]

Core Corner – Squat with One Leg Running

This exercise builds leg strength, stability of the pelvis and torso, and smooth control of your leg swinging forward in gait. There is a natural tendency to rush through the difficult spots in a movement. Working slowly and deliberately with this movement can help you identify and improve on your challenges to efficient running form. […]

Core Corner – Down Dog Push Up

Hamstrings, calves and hips can become chronically tight from endurance sports. Excessive tightness can then create pulling on the pelvis that robs power and results in spine, hip, and hamstring pain. This month’s core corner gives you dynamic mobilization for these structures. It also builds core and shoulder strength while allowing you to notice and gain control of your pelvis and core when the legs are active.