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Pedaling Efficiency Analysis

Balanced Movement Studio’s Pedaling & Biomechanical Analysis is designed to optimize your body to your bike. Once your bicycle is adjusted to fit your body, we refine your body’s strength and mobility for optimal power to the pedals. The end result? You go FASTER! And you avoid pesky injuries in the process.

Recovery Zone at events

Our staffs of therapists and trainers can provide: foam rolling stretching soft tissue work trigger point work injury management cool down stretch & yoga answers to nagging ache & pain questions, promises of an even faster time next year! Complete your run, get your re-hydration & some food, then stop by the Recovery Zone to […]

Staying On When You Are Off Road

It has been said that the mountain biking is easy on the body, as long as you stay on the bike. Of course for many of us, the challenge of staying on the bike is one of the attractors to riding off road. The physical strains from mountain biking are different than riding on the […]

Flexibility Improves Cycling Performance

Incorporating flexibility work into your training program has been demonstrated to provide many benefits to endurance athletes. It can aid in muscle recovery, decrease post exertion soreness, improve pedaling efficiency, yield aerodynamic advantages with improved posture, decrease joint strain and injury risk, and increase comfort and enjoyment on the bike. Recent research shows that the […]