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Developing a Body Checklist

  When we have keep track of many important items, we develop inventory lists or checklists.  They serve as a quick to scan through and make sure that critical things are not overlooked.  The checklist functions to bring our attention to little things now that could have large negative impacts in the future if overlooked […]

Running Plyometric Workout

Intelligently incorporating plyometric drills into running can help build speed, efficiency and tissue durability. This workout goal is to have a smaller number of exercise reps, (we use 60 in this workout) and focus on generating maximum explosive power on each jump repetition. Warm up: 10 min easy pace running Dynamic Warm Up for Plyometric […]

Running Cool Down

Tightening up after a run is normal. A muscle that has no input from your nervous system is completely flaccid (this is what happens with paralysis). Running requires the body to become an efficient spring. To achieve this, the nervous system (brain) creates increased tension and set points in the muscles used for running. This […]