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Pedaling Efficiency Analysis

Balanced Movement Studio’s Pedaling & Biomechanical Analysis is designed to optimize your body to your bike. Once your bicycle is adjusted to fit your body, we refine your body’s strength and mobility for optimal power to the pedals. The end result? You go FASTER! And you avoid pesky injuries in the process.

Where Is Your Core Today?

Anyone who has been paying attention to exercise theory and practice recently has heard of the terms core, core strength, and core stability. But do you really know what they mean relative to what you favorite activity may be? Lots of folks still think that core is synonymous with abdominal muscles. Abdominal muscles are only […]

Cycling: Shoulder Position and Upper Body Pain

Cycling is a sport that is unquestionably driven by the lower extremities. Often the importance of the shoulder girdle is overlooked, yet it can be a large factor in comfort and performance on the bike. The inability to position the shoulders efficiently can manifest as performance reducing discomfort at best and ride reducing injury at […]