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Calming the Nervous System

Live Zoom Class – Wednesday’s 5:30 Starting Wednesday 4/22, Karen will be teaching live via Zoom. Attendance will be charged against current class passes. The Zoom class will open at 5:15, and you’ll be in the Waiting Room first (a security measure) then we will admit you to the class. This will allow folks to […]

Maximizing an Event Specific Training Plan

Goal events (Marathon, Half-Marathons and Ultras of all terrains) give us focus and motivation. We create specific run training programs for the event and put in the miles in a specific and thoughtful manner. Rarely does the same focus and preparation carry over into how we prepare our bodies for, and recover from, the training miles. However, the non-running (Supplemental Strength and Skills) part of a training plan can be critical for maximizing the benefit of the training. 123 movies 123 movies 123 movies fmovies