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“Progress to Tolerance” – What is Tolerance?

Tolerance In the exercise and rehab world, the phrase “Progress to Tolerance” occurs often. Tolerance is very subjective. Our suggestion is that when anyone instructs you to “exercise, progress, weight bear, etc. to tolerance”, that you ask for clarification on that person’s definition of tolerance. Every individual defines tolerance differently. If the goal is to […]

Understanding Injury Categories as a Path to Improvement

The repetitive nature of endurance sports creates an environment for most of us where sooner or later something hurts. Understanding the factors that led to the problem can provide useful insight into: resolving the discomfort; healing the tissue; preventing recurrence; and learning so that performance improves. Most injuries in Endurance Sports fall into four categories. […]

Cycling Workshops

Balanced Movement Studio’s Pedaling & Biomechanical Analysis is designed to optimize your body to your bike. Once your bicycle is adjusted to fit your body, we refine your body’s strength and mobility for optimal power to the pedals. The end result? You go FASTER! And you avoid pesky injuries in the process.