Fleet Feet Trail Run Training workout: Climbing the Hills


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  • Dynamic warm up as a group – see belowIntroduction, Dynamic warm up,
    30 min run (timed out & back on the Pumpkin loop)

    20 min circuit exercise block based on the Balanced Movement Online weekly workout
    Workout for group – go through each exercise slowly, answer questions, provide cueing; then 2 circuits at 30 sec on, 15 rest; 1.30 circuit rest 17:45 total time

    Double Leg Squats Arms Overhead
    Quadruped Torso Rotations
    Partner Lunge Rows Stepping Back to Forward – each side
    Jumping Lunges
    Bicycle Leg Runner’s Crunch
    Plank With Hand Taps
    Single Leg Squats – each side
    Running Bridge
    Ski Jumper W to Y

    Cool down, Q & A

    Exercise Videos

    This workout is a no equipment, trailside friendly version of Balanced Movement Online’s Little River Trail Program: week 2; Climbing the Hills

    Exercise video content can be found here:

    Adaptations for trailside were:
    Step Ups => Double Leg Squat Hands Overhead
    DB Press on Ball => Plank with Hand Taps
    Dynamic Warm up for running

    Dynamic Cool Down
    Workout done on 2017-11-29

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