Fleet Feet NoBo Workout – Fundamentals

May 16, 2017 Workout

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Purpose of a Warm Up:  

  • prepare the body & nervous system for the desired activity
  • gradually increase heart rate
  • loosen muscles & tendons
  • lubricate the joints
  • wake up the nervous system.
  • why warm up?: neuro; physio; heart rate; blood flow; match activity to task;
  • Guide the increasing complexity of task.

Warm Up Exercise Sequence: (videos below)

Walk/Run Warm Up
Stand Tall on One Leg
Lunge Stretch – calf, front of hip, progress to arms overhead, turning chest and shoulders
Hip Circles – feet & knees stable, circle hip joints & move pelvis
Butt Kicks
High Knee to Heel to Butt
Forward Leg swings
Lateral lunge stretch – stable one hip and open other, moving through weight shift
Cross Body Leg Swings
Swoops (targeting hamstrings/calves)
Hacky-sacks (tap inside of foot while in a sort of figure 4 position), front & back
Scratched Dog – stand on one leg and circle the other leg like running, swing back

Purpose of Cool Down

  • Restore normal mobility and resting tone to the muscles and tendons
  • Allow progressive decrease in heart rate and return to normal
  • Facilitate clearing of metabolic waste to diminish soreness and stiffness post exercise

Run/ Walk Cool Down (Videos Below)
Forward Fold –  Let It Hang
Backward Bend, Side Bends
Hands on Shins, Squat alternating head & pelvis
Step Back to Lunge: calf, knee bent & straight,  front of hip, arm overhead and twist away
Straighten Front leg to Triangle Pose: push back hip, turn opposite arm slide down inside of leg
Repeat opposite side
Standing Quadriceps Stretch
Figure 4 – Ankle on knee, sit into hip
Final Forward Fold and Hang

Detailed Warm Up Video with Explanations

Summary Video of Warm Up Movements

Cool Down Video

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