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Core Corner – Side Plank, Pedaling Top Leg

A critical component of cycling is allowing an efficient circular path of the leg while having a stable core. In this exercise you challenge both the elements of a controlled circle of the leg and a stable core. The goal is to develop efficient power to the pedals that your does not disrupt the stability of your body over the bike.

Enjoying The Ride

Spring is here, and for a lot of us, this season begs us to get out on the bike. There are many joys we can all find in cycling. Here are a few of mine I thought would be worth sharing.

Distance Running

Is there such a thing as NON-distance running? By default, doesn’t running cover distance? What really is ‘distance’ anyway? Brian muses on what it means to cover ground on two feet.

Running Functional Anatomy Review

Key bones, muscles, and joints Critical Points   Know where your hip is.  There is no such thing as a ‘hip bone’. The hip is joint, it controls the positions of the leg and pelvis.  There are 26 muscles cross the hip. Using the hips optimally is more complex than just: “use your glutes”.  However, […]