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CORE CORNER – Lateral Hops

By Elizabeth Towe Have you been trail running lately? Trail running is a nice change from the regular routine of road running giving your body a chance for different input. The uneven surface uses different muscles and requires more joint stability.  Lateral hops are meant to improve your stability, particularly for trail running. In this […]

CORE CORNER – Split Squat (with Rear Foot Elevated)

By Elizabeth Towe Running requires strength and stability on one leg to drive the body forward efficiently. The split squat is a great multi-joint (hip-knee-ankle) exercise that really brings the hip joint to the forefront as the power mover that drives us forward in walking and running. In reference to improving triathlon performance, particularly accessing running power through T2 […]

Core Corner – Squat to Overhead Press on One Leg

I often have people ask for exercises that give “more bang for their buck” — exercises that challenge the most important muscles, most effectively, in the least amount of time. In these cases we turn to multi-joint exercises to challenge core and hip stability and use as many muscles possible through the entire range of […]

Core Corner – Two By Four Hamstring Stretch

Are your hamstrings tight? Most people can answer a definitive yes or no right away. If you are not sure, but you have reoccurring pain or tightness (even low level) in your back, hip, knee or lower leg it could be directly related to tight hamstrings; especially if you spend extended periods of time sitting on a daily basis.

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Eccentric Calf Stretch for Achilles Pain

The key is to create a slow stretch as the muscle and tendon lengthen, then off-load the tissues completely to return to the start position. Doing this, you will spare the muscle the work of lifting the body weight, while creating a stretch and just enough load to trigger the body’s tissue remodeling and healing mechanisms.

Core Corner – Alternating Forward Hop

Where is the spring in your running gait? This exercise will help build a soft landing and springy forward push in running. To do this we use forward hopping while alternating legs. The key point is to find a soft and balanced landing of your foot under your body that easily creates a quick forward […]