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Core Corner – Squat with One Leg Running

By Elizabeth Towe This exercise builds leg strength, stability of the pelvis and torso, and smooth control of your leg swinging forward in gait. There is a natural tendency to rush through the difficult spots in a movement. Working slowly and deliberately with this movement can help you identify and improve on your challenges to […]

Core Corner – Down Dog Push Up

Hamstrings, calves and hips can become chronically tight from endurance sports. Excessive tightness can then create pulling on the pelvis that robs power and results in spine, hip, and hamstring pain. This month’s core corner gives you dynamic mobilization for these structures. It also builds core and shoulder strength while allowing you to notice and gain control of your pelvis and core when the legs are active.

Core Corner – Side Plank, Pedaling Top Leg

A critical component of cycling is allowing an efficient circular path of the leg while having a stable core. In this exercise you challenge both the elements of a controlled circle of the leg and a stable core. The goal is to develop efficient power to the pedals that your does not disrupt the stability of your body over the bike.

Enjoying The Ride

Spring is here, and for a lot of us, this season begs us to get out on the bike. There are many joys we can all find in cycling. Here are a few of mine I thought would be worth sharing.

Distance Running

Is there such a thing as NON-distance running? By default, doesn’t running cover distance? What really is ‘distance’ anyway? Brian muses on what it means to cover ground on two feet.