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Developing a Body Checklist

  When we have keep track of many important items, we develop inventory lists or checklists.  They serve as a quick to scan through and make sure that critical things are not overlooked.  The checklist functions to bring our attention to little things now that could have large negative impacts in the future if overlooked […]

Running Plyometric Workout

Intelligently incorporating plyometric drills into running can help build speed, efficiency and tissue durability. This workout goal is to have a smaller number of exercise reps, (we use 60 in this workout) and focus on generating maximum explosive power on each jump repetition. Warm up: 10 min easy pace running Dynamic Warm Up for Plyometric […]

Hill Workout: Fleet Feet Running Club 5K & 10K

9/4&5/18 Dynamic warm up: include lunge matrix, some long steps, open front of hips Run warm up: easy 0.5 – 1.5 mile Format: Exercise set 60-90 seconds Then Timed Hill Run Repeats 3 x 15 sec hill repeats: Exercises Step back lunge, hover, high stand – front leg glute emphasis Step back lunge push quickly […]

Hill Workout 18-08-28 & 29

Hill Workout Full & Half 18-08-28&29   Based on Arthur Lydiard hill workout progression Watch video for demonstration of Hill Springs and Hill Bounding drills   Short dynamic warm up  1.5 mile easy pace Run to hill   Format: Hill workouts  3 sets of each hill drill, increasing time with each repeat.  20, 40, 60 […]