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Restoring Normal Movement After Injury and Pain.

The process of regaining normal movement after an injury or while one is experiencing pain can can be viewed along a continuum. Afraid => Anxious => Apprehensive => Cautious => Deliberate => Competent => Confident Our job is to help navigate the path. We need to recognize that everyone possesses an extremely intelligent nervous system […]

Controlling the Pelvis from the Hips

The ability to control your center, which is located in your pelvis, from your hips is foundational skill for everyday lift, athletic performance and the health of your hips and spine.   A great way to gain and improve this skill is working with the Pelvic Clock. This is a Neuromuscular Activation exercise for hips […]

Cramping: What Do We Know to Do?

Cramping is no fun, and the causes of cramping are not as simple as just hydration and electrolytes.   Here is a good overview of what we truly currently know. There are many take homes points, but the ones that yield action items the most with me are: The bottom line is a balance of […]

Developing a Body Checklist

Raise your hand if you love a good checklist! The goal of the “Body Checklist” is to catch changes early and intervene. The unnoticed stiffness in the hip last weekend could be the thing that robs 45 seconds from your running pace in a couple weeks and sets up an awkward knee twist and injury next month!

Running Plyometric Workout

Intelligently incorporating plyometric drills into running can help build speed, efficiency and tissue durability. This workout goal is to have a smaller number of exercise reps, (we use 60 in this workout) and focus on generating maximum explosive power on each jump repetition.